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AirPRO Pitot
€570 +vat

Simply the top. It encapsulates the finest of DIGIFLY sensor technology, including the integrated pitot tube. This feature empowers AirPRO Pitot with algorithms of the utmost precision for both CROSS flights and COMPETITIONS. The novel glide computer is capable of preemptively calculating the estimated impact of varying wind intensities and directions along different branches of the route. To this array of capabilities, add functions of excellence, such as the display of IAS and TAS, Speed to Fly and McCready calculations, as well as Netto Vario with total energy compensation. A comprehensive avionics system in every aspect.

  • Pitot tube

  • Competition mode

  • GPS Multi-constellation

  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE/SPP

  • MicroSD

  • Vario gyro assisted

  • Thermal tutor

  • Wind calculation along the route

  • FAI triangle assistance

  • Airspace manager

  • Custmizable sound profiles

  • Customizable pages

  • High sun visibility

  • 20h battery life

Flexible arm €41+vat

The latest software version for AirPRO, AirPRO Pitot and HG series it’s the 706a

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    How can I order it?
    How can I order it?

    AirPRO HG | €734 +vat

    AirPRO HG Cargo | €816 +vat

    AirPRO HG DUO | €1025 +vat

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