AirPRO HG Cargo
€816 +vat

It fully integrates the electronics of the AirPRO Pitot (see dedicated sheet) into a sintered nylon monocoque. The Cargo version adds to the HG version an integrated 5000mAh power bank with a magnetic Type-C charging cable and a slot for smartphones or tablets up to a length of 178mm, all rechargeable through the single Type-C USB port. This setup allows for an integrated experience with the best flight apps. The use of the new Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode SPP/BLE modules enables even more stable and faster data transmission, without increasing power consumption, providing Android flight apps (XCTrack, LK8000, XCSoar, SeeYou Navigator) and iOS apps (SeeYou Navigator and FlySkyHy) with complete Digifly avionics telemetry.

  • Pitot tube

  • Competition mode

  • GPS Multi-constellation

  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE/SPP

  • MicroSD

  • Vario gyro assisted

  • Thermal tutor

  • Wind calculation along the route

  • FAI triangle assistance

  • Airspace manager

  • Custmizable sound profiles

  • Customizable pages

  • High sun visibility

  • 20h battery life

DFM_001 Icaro/WillsWing


DFM_002 D.28mm


DFM_003 WillsWing Alu

DFM_004 Atos


DFM_005 Moyes Carbon


DFM_006 Aeros


DFM_007 Moyes Alu


AirPRO HG e HG Cargo Cover


The latest software version for AirPRO, AirPRO Pitot and HG series it’s the 706a

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    AirPRO Pitot | €570 +vat

    AirPRO HG | €734 +vat

    AirPRO HG DUO | €1025 +vat

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